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Rogers Headliner Outfit

20x14" / 14x14" / 12x8"

Drumset 1960s Champagne Sparkle

This Rogers drum kit is wonderful. Nice example of Champagne sparkle and from the peak of Roger's quality instruments, the 1960s. The Kick mount patterns, and the sizes of these drums lean towards the Headliner outfit. The 12" tom is "Tower" with the center lug, but these drums lived together as a kit for a very long time, as the wrap on all 3 drums have the equal amount of fade and vibrance. The drums tune so well, sound amazing, and have been pretty well cared for.  There is common wear and tear, pitting on hardware, light rust on tension rods and mounts, All  shells are in round, top and bottom.  

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Ludwig Hollywood Outfit

8x12 / 9x13 / 16x16 / 14x22"

Drum Set 1970s in Red Sparkle

Bass Drum 14"x22" Granitone Interior Serial 124993
Rack Tom 8"x12" Granitone Interior Serial 1242719
Floor Tom 16"x16" Clear Maple Interior Serial 1046881
Rack Tom 9"x13" Clear Maple Interior Serial 1047052

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1966 Leedy Campus Outfit in 14"x20 / 8"x12"

Sparkling Silver Pearl

Leedy Campus Outfit No 173 - 14"x20" / 8"x12" 1966 Sparkling Silver Pearl

This 2-piece combo is from the "SlingerLeedy" era, when Slingerland owned Leedy, and it's actually right at the tail end.  So these are known to be Slingerland 3-ply shells, with Leedy's iconic art deco lug design.  You can see that they used Slingeland spur mounts on the kick drums as well as stick-saver hoops on their toms during this tom.  It's great to find a center lug Leedy outfit, which were only used in a few outfits.

Incredible part of Leedy and Slingerland history.  The Blue badges have their own place in iconic drum history.  

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Ludwig No. 980 Super Classic Outfit

 9x13 / 16x16 / 14x22" 1960s Kit 

in Blue Sparkle

22"x14" Bass Drum Serial #175589
12"x8" Tom Serial #177555
16"x16" Floor Tom Serial #287623

This kit is in good condition and still sounds incredible, has clean hardware, and vibrant blue sparkle.  There is some light fade to the drums, but it is consistent across all 3 drums and they are still bold and sparkle.  I've had a few Blue Sparkle Ludwig Super Classics, this one just sounds better to me.  Vintage 3-ply shells are consistent in many things, but I still find they can vary in sound/vibe and this kit is wonderful. 

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1957 WFL 22"-20"-13" Kit

14" 8-lug Snare

In Black Diamond Pearl



This One-owner kit is incredible.  Original calf skin heads on the kick drum as well as on the 20" Floor tom.  Hardware is nickel plated, the wrap is vibrant, and the drums sound wonderful.  The matching snare was also purchased with the drums in 1957.   Please email or call to inquire

We have a physical store location, a work in progress, So there are MORE DRUMS than listed here.   Please email us at or follow us at Facebook and instagram @junkrockdrums to see more.  You can also set up an appointment.  

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